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July 10 - September 25

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The course runs every Wednesday evening for 12 weeks in West Hollywood.
1st Month
"The Roadmap"

-  Alignment.

- Learning about your own physicality; where and why tensions are being held where.

- Releasing tension.

- Strength and flexibility.

-Beginning creating physicality of a character.

2nd Month
Specified Study

- After a deeper understanding of self, working on a specific area of study (past examples include animal work, element work etc.)

- Creating character through this specific module.

3rd Month

- Applying previous lessons into scripted work.

- Partner scene study.

- Rehearsing and training acting and the truthful physicalisation of a character.

Reserve Your Spot
$50 credited toward tuition to reserve your space (non-refundable).
Final cost: $200/ month   OR   $500 for full three months up front (save $100)
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